On a beautiful day on June15 2024, we celebrated a special group of Homer Township residents near and dear to our hearts. YES WE CELEBRATED OUR PETS! These beloved residents provide so much unconditional love and unity, that bring us humans together. We have so many wonderful pets in our Township, that a day was dedicated to provide entertainment and happiness for residents of all ages to share these wonders of the world.

Being June we had plenty of water for pets, cooling pools, and a tent to provide shade and a place to see our exhibitors. Some pets even enjoyed rolling around in the ice water dumped at the end of the day, showing off to their new pet friends and making everyone smile. Mike Carlson provided music and got the crowd involved in our events. We started off with a Pet Parade, and we were all impressed by how well-behaved our pets were. It touched my heart when one girl brought her pet turtle and pulled the heavy aquarium around on her wagon. Those are some lucky parents, and that family is surely celebrating Father’s Day today. The pets were so happy strolling in the parade, and I know that some pets made some new friends.

Riley the superdog in his Range Rover, decked out with 2 cooling fans. Amazing how long he sat so patiently in his pimped-out ride wearing his shades and did not once try to get out.

Best-Dressed Contest

Next we had a best-dressed contest. We loved seeing all the creativity of our residents, and how great their pets looked. We had kings, queens, superheroes, ballerinas and a golfer wearing plaid. I saw some pets checking each other out, and they all looked so proud in their attire. Our panel of judges deliberated and chose the golfer and superhero. Each won a $50 gift card, donated by Meijers.

Talent Show

Last but not least we had the best pet trick talent show. We seen a lot of well-behaved and very smart pets. The excitement of the day may have distracted a few of the pets as tricks they normally performed did not happen. That is ok, as is not important if you win or lose, but we encourage everyone to try next year as this is your pet’s time in the spotlight. Renee Saban brought a beautiful Pomeranian Fannie that did all the tricks from rolling over to on demand Hi-5s, rolling over, and giving paw. Not only is Riley an excellent driver in his Range Rover, but also very good at flipping treats into his mouth. Thanks again to Meijers for their two $50 gift card donations.

We had a great showing, and next year we will start off the parking on the grass at 90° so there will be twice as much parking in that area. This is only our 2nd year, but we have a lot of great ideas for next year, and email.