Logo Update Purpose

Homer Township starts 2024 with an update to our brandmark to improve:

  • Readability at a distance
  • Ability to reproduce using any print process
  • Usage of logo following a brand standards guide

Logo Versions

There are 2 versions of the logo to be used depending on whether a landscape or portrait shape is optimal.

Previous Logo

Color Variations

For teh best contrast and readability the logo shapes vary between 3 colors (Green, Black & White) depending on the background darkness.


The website now works on mobile devices and will get better. Please submit any Homer Township-related images or content for consideration to be posted to my email address above.

  • Navigation reorganized to a more organized and intuitive categories
  • Navigation now works on mobile and tablet devices
  • Ease of finding information
  • Better communication on events
  • More images, charts, and videos
  • Improve line spacing & typography
  • Quality of content & more updated event information


  1. Click on the image to open full resolution in a new window
  2. Right-click and choose “Save Image As” to download
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