Each Township the Board consists of the Supervisor and 4 other Trustees elected at large. The Supervisor shall be the Chairman of the Township Board and has one vote as a member of the Board.

SupervisorStephen J Balich(815)
ClerkVicki Bozen(708)
TrusteeMike Bonomo(312)
TrusteeAngel Shake(708)
AssessorCarmen Maurella(708)
Road District CommissionerBrent Porfilio(708)


The Supervisor serves as Chief Executive Officer of the Township. The Supervisor serves as Supervisor of General Assistance, Chairman of the Township Board, FOIA Officer, and is a voting member. The supervisor has numerous financial reporting responsibilities and is Treasurer of all Town Funds including General Assistance and Ex Officio Treasurer of the Road and Bridge Funds


The Town Clerk is vested with many duties and responsibilities throughout the year. Some of the legal responsibilities are maintaining records for the Township, administering oaths, taking Township board minutes and completing the proper filings with the county and state. Many other duties performed by the Town Clerk include creating agendas and board meeting packets, conducting the annual town meeting, arranging press releases and public notices, serving as Freedom of Information Act Officer and your Local Election Official


A Trustee carries out orders prescribed for it by the electors assembled at a town meeting. The trustees are the legislative arm of the township, setting policy and procedure for the Township Supervisor to administer. They have a major role in auditing the township bills, annual budgeting, levy responsibilities, and spending township funds responsibly. Homer Township Trustees also have leadership roles with the organization’s committees, which are comprised of residents who volunteer their services. The committee structure provides input from residents and the Trustee serves to bring the committee’s ideas and advisory recommendations to the Board for their consideration.


Property Assessments are performed to establish the value of real property located within the Township. The Township Assessor, in fact, is the only elected governmental official who must pass approved courses of instruction before standing for election to office.
Fax:  708-301-7041

Road District Commissioner

Township Government maintains over 71,000 miles of roads in Illinois-a full 53% of all thoroughfares in the state. The Homer Township Highway Department serves the unincorporated territory of Homer Township.