HOMER TOWNSHIP ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE, conducts the administrative, public property management and financial affairs of the township.

Township Government is one of the oldest forms of government in Illinois. Townships perform three mandatory functions: The administration of a general assistance program to qualifying residents, maintaining Township Road District Highways and bridges and appraising property values. Townships also are given a variety of optional statutory abilities which are somewhat lesser known but equally important. They may, among other services, provide senior services, conduct programs, maintain public properties, etc.

Examples of some of our responsibilities: General Assistance program; managing employee benefits, payroll and human resource programs; maintaining Township records; election/voting services; Township financial management & reporting; public properties maintenance and management (public buildings, parks, open space program, senior housing facility and any properties under the control of the township); scheduling public use of township facilities; Administrative functions including inventory, reporting requirements, supply orders, property management and publications are performed internally.

Townships are conferred their powers through the Illinois Township Code (60ILCS1/1), the Illinois Constitution and various other statutory and common laws. They have been authorized various powers that they may exercise depending upon the needs of their constituents, funding abilities and the engagement of their officials. Like other non-home rule units, Townships have no inherent powers but only those granted to them by the constitution or authorized by statute.

Administrative Operations

  • Community Parks – The Township is responsible for operations, maintenance, infrastructure, and management of all Township Parks.
  • Election/Voting services – Election/Voting services include early voting programs, voter registration and candidate assistance.
  • Financial Reporting – Budget and levy preparation, contractual proposals for Township Board review; Legally mandated reporting and dissemination.
  • Freedom Of Information – Process and respond all FOIA requests.
  • General Assistance – Administration of public aid to eligible recipients and/ or make referrals for available assistance resources.
  • Handicap Services– Administer applications and distribute placards.
  • Human Resources – Internal administration of employee payroll, insurance and retirement benefits.
  • Lockport Fish Food Pantry – Assist with funding and Township Residency Verification
  • Maintaining Township Records – All Township records are preserved and maintained by the Township Clerk and staff.
  • Mosquito Abatement – Fund and oversee mosquito abatement program for unincorporated territory.
  • Notary Public – Available notary services for administration and to the public.
  • Open Space Program – Property record and grant management.
  • Public Property– Maintenance/Management of Town Hall, Maintenance Building, administrative center, storage buildings, rental properties, infrastructure, concession and associated common areas.
  • Recreational Sports Complex – Management, maintenance, and facilitating local sporting and organizational program usage.
  • Senior Citizen social activities: Subsidize and administer monthly luncheons, social gatherings and bus trips to regional entertainment facilities.
  • Senior Housing Facility – Operate and manage a 30 unit independent senior living facility.
  • Special Recreation Associations – Partnership with Northern Will County and Lincolnway SRA’s to enable special needs residents program participation and reduced out of district fees.
  • Township Committees – Provide administrative assistance/project support to Committees scheduling meetings, producing formal recommendations to the Board, planning preparations and grant documentation.
  • Township Property Rental – Reservations, schedule availability, organizational use, insurance requirements and permitting.
  • Transportation Services – Subsidize cooperative local partnership to provide PACE Bus Services to senior and ADA residents.

Maintenance Department

The Maintenance Department ensures that all Township facilities, fields and parking lots are designed and maintained for community usage. The department performs specified construction projects and the cleaning and maintenance of Township facilities. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following.

Maintenance Operations

  • Snow removal
  • Grounds upkeep
  • Facility repairs
  • Facility maintenance
  • Specified projects
  • On call responsibilities
  • Painting
  • Set up and tear down for Community meetings
  • Makes minor carpentry, electrical, mechanical and plumbing repairs

Staff & Employees

Full-time elected officials: 2

Part-time elected officials: 4

Full-time employees: 6

Part-time employees: 1

Seasonal employees: