General Assistance

Steven Balich
Homer Township Supervisor/
General Assistance Officer
Office phone: (708) 301-4534

All Illinois townships are mandated statutorily to levy taxes to administer and to offer general assistance for destitute township residents.

General Assistance (GA) is a locally administered welfare program which provides monthly financial assistance to persons who do not have adequate income or resources to provide for their own basic needs. To qualify, the individual must meet certain financial and residential criteria, and be ineligible for any other state or federal assistance programs.

Any township resident 18 years or older who is either a U.S. resident or legal alien admitted under color-of-law may be eligible for General Assistance. The General Assistance Program is primarily for those adults without minor children, without adequate income, and ineligible for any other monetary forms of assistance. Other eligibility factors such as citizenship, violation of parole or probation, drug felonies are also factors in determining eligibility as mandated by the State of Illinois. Due to each applicant’s circumstances, eligibility may vary from case to case.

For further information please contact our office to discuss the
General Assistance Program and determine eligibility.