Welter Farm

Welter Farm & Founders Crossing Healing Garden

14858 S. Founders Crossing

The Healing Garden was developed by the Homer Founders Club to provide residents a peaceful and serene setting, as a place of healing. Maintained by Homer Township, for use by all residents.

Healing Garden photo
Healing Garden property
Healing Garden
Welter Farm parcel
Welter Farm

Newsletter Homer Township September 1998

Welter Farm Land Sales Contract 7-12-1999

Welter Farm Settlement Statement 2-9-2000

Homer Township Open Space Program Mission Statement 11-05-01

Township Code (60 ILCS 1/) Township Open Space Article 115.

Village of Homer Glen Plan Commission Minutes 6-20-2002

Village of Homer Glen Workshop Minutes 6-25-2002

Village of Homer Glen Affordable Housing Plan

Illinois Housing Development Act (20 ILCS 3805/)

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