Senior Housing Facts

May 24, 2023

As Supervisor of Homer Township, I want to make it very clear that Homer Township is not bringing in LOW INCOME HOUSING. There are people once again making up false statements!  The Township Senior Housing units have numerous very expensive repairs we inherited from the prior administration.

We will not raise your property taxes to do these repairs. Being approved to get a Federal Grant from HUD requires income verification. This does not force any changes, nor does it make these low-income units. THE FACT IS THIS IS JUST SENIOR HOUSING FOR PEOPLE 62 AND OLDER (Our board raised rents in 2021/22 from $850 to $950 for existing tenants, new tenants pay $1,200.00).  Priority is given to current Homer Township senior residents, next is given to a relative of a current Township resident and last would be a non-resident. There is nothing based on income.

We have qualified for the first payout of about ½ million Dollars and will get the money once all the steps required by the Federal Government are met. This first payout is enough money to repair 4 of the 8 exteriors on the buildings. Again, this board inherited the problem from prior administrations that did not address the issues.

Homer Township Supervisor

Steve Balich  Cell Phone (815)557-7196