Open Space

Homer Township is rich in history, volunteer spirit, and scenic and natural resources.
The Township is fortunate to have the Open Space program which was established in 1999 through citizen-based initiative. By law the purpose of Open Space is to promote preservation of the natural environment, scenic resources, geological features and historic sites.  With that vision in mind the Open Space Planning & Operations Committee is dedicated to promoting opportunities for educational programs, outdoor recreation and conservation practices for our community. In light of rapid residential growth it is important to set aside open land that can be preserved
for all residents, wildlife, and nature alike.  To date the Township has acquired over 200 Open Space acres, most of which continues to be farmed to allow for the best management of the land. The Open Space Planning & Operations Committee is currently working on long-term plans for the sites.


Trantina Farm &

Austin-Welter Barn

Bob Trantina Farm sign

This parcel of land is located on the North side of 151st Street
between Cedar Road & Gougar Road.

15744 W. 151st Street, Lockport

(For navigational purposes only. No mail service available)

Historic Landmark sign
In July 2015 the Austin-Welter Barn was designated
a historical Will County landmark!

Welter Farm was on Bell Road just south of 143rd Street. The front part of the farm was purchased by the Township for the Senior Housing project. The deconstruction of the (Austin) Welter Barn was performed by Preservation Trades, Inc. in October, 2002, as requested by Homer Township. The original three-bay, hand-hewn oak, c 1850 English style barn was considered an historic building worthy of preservation (see top photo). The Welter Barn is a beautiful example of the craftsmanship and pride of the community’s forbearers and is the well-received centerpiece of the Trantina Farm complex where community events and future generations can enjoy the history and function.

Infrastructure improvements include a covered pavilion, a screen house, parking lots, latrine, picnic areas, playground, walking & equestrian trails, a dog park, wetland & prairie restoration.

Trantina Dog Park
15717 W. 151st. Street, Lockport

 (South side of 151st Street)

(For navigational purposes only, no mail service available)

Dog parks can facilitate socialization with a variety of breeds and breed types. They can be a wonderful resource for adolescent dogs that have too much energy and no place to put it. Many also function as a social center. Homer Township is pleased to offer its public the Trantina Dog Park. At present time there are no fees to use this public Dog Park and all are welcome. Please pick up after your pet. The Park is open from dust to dawn.

-Use at your own risk-
-Please clean up after your pet-

Paul Farm
16349 W. 151st Street, Lockport

(For navigational purposes only, no mail services)

Paul Farm photo

A 56 acre open space site located between Gougar Road & Farrell Road on south side of 151st Street. This site contains a natural forested area and remnants of original farmstead buildings.

Purdy Farm
15832 W. Bruce Road, Lockport

(For navigational purposes only, no mail services)

Purdy Farm photo

An 86 acre open space site located on the southwest side of the Township at the corner of Gougar Road & 175th Street (Bruce Road). This was the first piece of property the Township purchased for Open Space through its Open Space Program. Although currently farmed, there are a few areas identified as being within the FEMA flood plain that most likely will be restored back to their original wetlands as future development plans unfold.

Welter Farm &
Founders Crossing Healing Garden
14858 S. Founders Crossing

(For navigational purposes only, no mail services)

The Healing Garden was developed by the Homer Founders Club to provide residents
a peaceful and serene setting, as a place of healing.
Maintained by Homer Township, for use by all residents.

Healing Garden photo
Healing Garden Pond
Healing Garden Pond
Healing Garden property
Healing Garden
Welter Farm parcel
Welter Farm

Erin Hills Marsh

 (In the Erin Hills Subdivision)

Erin Hills Marsh photo

A 10 acre parcel donated by the Water Company in 2004.
Long Run Creek runs through the naturalized area