Special Needs

Lincolnway Special Recreation Center

Homer Township is committed to serving all our residents, and especially those in need. The Homer Township Highway Commissioner has a yearly $5,000 grant to assist Homer Residents 18+ of age to further their training and education.

Lincolnway Special Recreation Association

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The mission of these special Recreation Association (SRA)’s is to provide recreation and leisure services for individuals with physical or intellectual disabilities while promoting greater disability awareness in the community.

This Lincolnway SRA (LWSRA) provides adaptive and special recreation services for individuals with disabilities while offsetting out of district fees for Homer Township residents. These programs are for individuals from preschool through adult who have recreation needs that are not met by regular park district programs.

Homer Township is not a part of a Park District. Years ago the public requested that the Township Board assist with providing recreational services for the special needs community. Initially the Township negotiated an agreement with the Northern Will County Special Recreation Association which allows Township residents the ability to participate in their programming in exchange for the Township providing a portion of the out of district fees. The Township has also facilitated a similar agreement with the Lincolnway Special Recreation Association. Unlike communities of a Park District, Homer Township residents are now able to participate in two different SRA programs as a result of the Township’s negotiations with each agency.

Core Values

Utilizing community-based resources to enhance recreational opportunities and reciprocate goodwill back into the community through community outreach.
Opportunitiesproviding services to an ever expanding range of those with special needs.
RecreationDeveloping an atmosphere that provides the opportunity to live a full and healthy life.
EducationAdvocating and education the importance of recreation and leisure.
TrainingFocusing on creating the highest trained and knowledgeable staff.
ReliabilityStriving for the highest quality and reliable service each and every day.
UnityEstablishing an independent environment for individuals to belong, grow and succeed.
SafetySupporting a protective balance between health, weel-being and opportunity.
TrustPromoting accountability, responsibility and familiarity.

Northern Will County Special Recreation Association

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Northern Will County Special Recreation Association (NWCSRA) provides engaging, community-based recreational programs and inclusion services for children, teens, and adults with special needs. NWCSRA offers Special Olympics, cultural art programs, camps, trips, special events, and more. We provide a safe learning environment with caring, dedicated, trained staff. NWCSRA has been providing recreational and social opportunities to individuals of all ages with disabilities since 1976.